The Base Project

Many of you will be aware that there is now a project to further develop the Pavilion. This project has started because of the Grindleford Youth Club are moving their activities into the Pavilion. Their old dedicated building on Sir William Hill Road has now been sold and the funds are pledged towards a development of the Pavilion to provide facilities which better serve the Youth Club provision.

The development based on youth club funding is of course aimed at providing facilities for youth club; these include the addition of a quiet room, storage facilities for youth club equipment. Some of these will also benefit other users when not being used for youth club. A small amount of Playing Fields reserve funds, including a bequest for Pavilion development, will also be used to provide some limited additional storage at main room level and disabled toilet facilities.

Potential Expansion of the Project

If additional funding can be raised then the development can be enhanced to provide better facilities for a broad spectrum of Pavilion users. A public consultation was undertaken during the summer of 2015 seeking views on how Grindleford residents would ideally like to see their Pavilion developed. That survey yielded a good response with people asking for a very wide range of additional or enhanced facilities.

Grant Funding

The current grant giving climate by major funders is extremely challenging due to the ongoing financial climate in the UK. A large majority of funders are targeting their available funds to areas of high deprivation. The steering committee for the development have been making funding applications if we identify funders where we might meet their criteria. Thus far we have had one positive response from the Duke of Devonshire’s Charitable Trust which has granted us £1000. We are pleased with this grant and it may also help secure funding from some other funders. Unless we are very lucky with grant funding however it is unlikely that we can fund all we want to do by that means.

The Appeal

Considering the long list of desired improvements and facilities we are now launching an APPEAL to you, the residents of Grindleford, your friends and families. We are asking you to consider contributing towards the development of your Pavilion in order to enable a more comprehensive development programme to be undertaken at the same time as the basic Youth Club scheme. If we can raise a reasonable sum from Grindleford residents then this will also count in our favour when our requests are being considered by Grant funders.

There has been a long tradition in Derbyshire of village facilities being enabled by public subscription, so what we are proposing is similar.


We would very much like to raise just over £100,000 in addition to the funds already secured in order to take our total funds available to £315,000. If we raised this sum it would not fund everything which the survey indicated, but it would add some significant extras to the current development scheme.

What we could Build with Additional Funding

The additional funding would allow us to consider a wider range of facilities within in our development; which might include some or all of the following, amongst others: a better kitchen, revamping the toilets, washrooms and shower facilities, an entrance hall; updating the heating and fire protection arrangements; improving the disabled access externally. The more we raise, the more opportunities we have.

How you can Donate to the Pavilion Development Fund

You can download a form below and follow the instructions. If you are a UK taxpayer then please consider donating using Gift Aid as this allows us to claim an extra 25p in every £1. If you are unable to, or don’t wish to Gift Aid then a non gift aid form is also provided:

Pavilion Development Fund Donation Forms GIFT AID

Pavilion Development Fund Donation Forms NONE Gift Aid

Note any donations you make will be held in a separate reserve account and only used for this Pavilion development.

Further Information

If you wish you can talk to any one of the Grindleford Playing Fields Committee, including John Morton, Tony Duncan, Steve Benn, Phil Haywood, Lionel Stout, Steven Blowen, Anton Cannell, Frank Galbraith, Larry Harfoot, David Haywood, Matt Heason, Neil Ireson, Tim Reynolds & Liz Tiplady.

Note any donations you make will be held in a separate reserve account and only used for this Pavilion development.