Bishop Pavilion & Playing Fields





The Bishop Pavilion and Bridge playing field are a hub for village activities. A range a clubs and user groups use the facilities for activities such as: senior and junior cricket, football, pilates, preschool, horticultural society, WI, Bridge Club, Parish Council etc.

Major events are held at the facilities including the annual Carnival events as well as Horticultural show.

The Pavilion is located in Grindleford, on the Bridge Playing Fields adjacent to Grindleford Bridge on the River Derwent. The main room of the Pavilion serves as a community room and as sports changing rooms plus a club room.

The Bridge Playing Field provides soccer and cricket pitches as well as a hard court area. A children’s playground is located behind the Pavilion building.

There is a limited amount of off road parking available for people when using the facilities.

There is currently a Pavilion Development project which aims to improve the existing facilities.

We welcome visitors to our facilities.

Pavilion Facilities


Main Community Room / Sports Club Room

  • Floor area 111m3
  • Accommodates:
  • 60 seated theatre style
  • 50 seated at tables
  • approx 100 standing
  • Adjoining open plan fully fitted 13m3 kitchen
  • Kitchen equipment including glassware, crockery & cutlery
  • Chairs and tables available
  • Projection screen
  • 2 x changing areas with individual fold out door screens from main room

Adjoining Rooms

  • Adjoining showers, washrooms and toilet facilities
  • Storage, currently in undercroft below (low headroom)

Pavilion Main Floor Layout

Existing Pavilion Plan Screen Shot 2017-11-13


There is wheelchair access to the main community / club room, via the side entrance facing the road. Ramps are currently provided from the car park / field level but non powered wheelchair users will need assistance on the slopes.

See information below on Pavilion Development plans regarding improved accessibility.


  • The Pavilion is licensed under the Licensing Act of 2003 for:
  • Performance of plays indoors
  • Exhibition of films indoors
  • Indoor sporting events
  • Performance of live music indoors and outdoors
  • Playing of recorded music indoors and outdoors
  • Performance of dance indoors and outdoors
  • And provision of facilities for making music and dancing

If individual bookings require greater licensing, then the booking organiser should make their own arrangements.


  • Public Address facilities

Waste Disposal & Recycling

GPFA pay for trade waste collection from the facility.

Recycling bins are also now provided for Paper/Card and Plastic/Bottles

The waste and recycling bins are for waste arising in the Pavilion and on the field, they are not a waste / recycling disposal facility for general public use.

The capacity of waste / recycling bins are for day to day use. Where events are expected to generate peaks of waste / recycling volume then the event organisers should make arrangements for supplementary collection.


Playing Field & Sports Facilities

The playing fields include a play area, cricket and football pitches, cricket nets and a floodlit multi-use games area.

Play area


A children’s play area is provided for use by Grindleford residents, families and friends. Parents / carers should ensure that children are supervised or, if old enough, are using the facilities with a responsible adults permission.

Cricket pitch, Cricket nets


The cricket pitch is maintained by members of Grindleford Cricket club

The cricket pitch is seasonal but the cricket wicket area is maintained year round and should not be used for other activities.

Football pitch

The football pitch is maintained by members of Grindleford Football club

The football pitch is seasonal. Goal posts are generally only erected for matches in order to facilitate mowing of the field.

Floodlit multi-use games area


5 a-side football nets and tennis nets are available

Please check that the playing surface is suitable for your activity.

Full details for use of the hard-court can be obtained through the GPFA Secretary.

Waste & Recycling > see pavilion section

Storage & Maintenance

The shed on the bank side of the field is used to store sports and field events equipment.


Booking & Contacts

Book facilities using the contacts below. The rates for hire can also be seen below.

As a condition of hire, you must read and adhere to the conditions of use of the Pavilion and/or the Field event guidelines as appropriate to you booking.

Once your hire period is finished you will receive an invoice at the month end and we appreciate your timely payment of invoices.

The Pavilion can be hired for private events.

The hard-court can also be hired for private use either by annual membership of Active Grindleford or by payment for individual sessions.



Pavilion Booking Secretary: Elaine Hutchinson (01433) 630351

Sports Field Bookings: Steve Benn (01433) 630221

List of Regular Bookings

Rates for Hire of Facilities

Conditions of Hire / Use of Pavilion

Field Event Guidelines


Grindleford Playing Fields Association

Bridge playing fields, the Bishop Pavilion as well as the separate Old Playing Field site are managed by the Grindleford Playing Fields Association (GPFA) on behalf of the Grindleford Playing Field Trust.

Meetings of the Grindleford Playing Fields Association are held in the Bishop Pavilion at 8 pm every third Thursday of the month (excluding June and December).

The AGM is held in February prior to the monthly meeting.

The Pavilion and playing fields are maintained by volunteers and an employed cleaner.

GPFA manage and maintain the facilities in order to make them available for user groups and for Grindleford residents their family and friends to use/hire.

Hire income only covers a portion of the running costs of the facilities. Additional fundraising is essential to maintain the facilities. Major fund-raising events include the village bonfire and Burns Night. Funds are also raised through the running of the 200 Club.

The committee would welcome new members who are committed to helping provide and maintain these facilities for the use of the village.


Chairman: John Morton, (01433) 631245

Secretary: Steve Benn (01433) 630221

Treasurer: Tony Duncan


The Meeting Minutes & Agendas are available online here

(with other documentation from the monthly meetings available here).

Pavilion Development

Building Extension

This development project was started because of the Grindleford Youth Club are moving their activities into the Pavilion. Their old dilapidated, dedicated building on Sir William Hill Road has now been sold and the funds are pledged towards a development of the Pavilion to provide facilities which better serve the Youth Club provision. The development based on youth club funding is of course aimed at providing facilities for youth club; these include the addition of a quiet room, storage facilities for youth club equipment.

Many of these facilities will also benefit other users. A smaller amount of Playing Fields reserve funds, including a bequest for Pavilion development, will also be used to provide some limited additional storage at main room level and disabled toilet facilities. Further funding has been raised, including many donations in response to our Appeal. This means that the development can provide enhanced facilities.

Our ambitions go further though, but are dependant on raising yet further funds.

Planning permission has been granted for the project.

The current development includes an extension of the existing building. The extension will incorporate a youth club room, storage rooms, accessible toilet facilities, new entrance & lobby and outside access WC. Additionally an access lift between car park level and Pavilion main floor level is planed although all of the funding for this item is not yet in place.

Due to a shortage of funding we have had to defer toilet and washroom refurbishment as well as kitchen refurbishment.

Pavilion Operation during Development

The Pavilion development has been planned to enable user groups to continue activities in the building to a reasonable degree whilst the building works are being undertaken.

This requirement complicates the project and will require compromise by all sides.

Initially the worksite will be fenced off to one side and behind the Pavilion. The number of entrances into the existing building will be curtailed. The car park will be restricted in size so parking will be limited.

Later in the development, the existing building will be affected to a greater degree and a temporary internal partition is envisaged to separate the works from Pavilion activity. This will mean that Pavilion floor area and facilities will be restricted. We hope to undertake much of this work during school holiday periods when the Pavilion is less used, thereby limiting disruption. During this stage of the work the entrances to the building will be even more curtailed.

As well as the above limitations, there will be deliveries to the worksite causing increased congestion.

Pavilion Development User Group Presentation (PDF doc)

Pavilion Extension Progress (June 2018)

As can be seen in this photo taken in early June, the rear retaining wall is very well advanced with the concrete work complete and the stone facing added.

At last the shell of the new extension is beginning to rise out of the foundations. We are very pleased to get above the foundations because we have encountered a number of problems below ground which have had to be overcome, these include:

– the main incoming power cable ran diagonally right across the plan area of the extension, it had to be cut and re-routed along the back of the new retaining wall to a new incoming box at the rear of the Pavilion.

– The existing building drains were running along the front wall line of the extension and have had to be diverted.

– The ground conditions meant that the concrete foundations at the rear were more extensive than envisaged

– The very original Pavilion building had a walkway, level with the field, around the back of the building. This meant we had to excavate much deeper to provide a firm foundation for the new extension at that position.

These are the sort of hidden problems which are difficult to plan for. Hopefully now we are above ground the building works will be more straightforward.



Funding is needed to both maintain the existing facilities as well as progress the current Pavilion Development project.

Pavilion Development Funding

Grant Funding

Thus far we have been awarded grants from the following bodies:

– the Duke of Devonshire’s Charitable Trust which has granted us £1000

– Garfield Weston Foundation, a grant of £10,000, based on us having raised   match funding by local appeal.

– The Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation, a grant for £10,000

– a grant from Breedon (Hope Cement Works) for £2,125

– a grant from The Better Derbyshire Dales fund for nearly £3,500

– a grant from the Parish Council for £1,000

– DDDC Local Projects Fund, a grant for £600

Some of these grants are linked to specific items inn the development. We are pleased with this funding We are still pursuing other grant applications.

Pavilion Development Appeal

Considering the long list of desired improvements and facilities we are making an APPEAL to you, the residents of Grindleford, your friends and families. We are asking you to consider contributing towards the development of your Pavilion in order to enable a more comprehensive development programme to be undertaken in addition to the basic Youth Club scheme. If we can raise a reasonable sum from Grindleford residents then this will also count in our favour when our requests are being considered by Grant funders.

There has been a long tradition in Derbyshire of village facilities being enabled by public subscription, so what we are proposing is similar.

Donations to the Appeal thus far have raised over £15,500 towards our target. This has surpassed the match funding required by Garfield Weston.

How you can Donate to the Pavilion Development Fund:

You can download the form below and follow the instructions. If you are a UK taxpayer then please consider donating using Gift Aid as this allows us to claim an extra 25p in every £1. Otherwise a non gift aid option is also provided. Any donations you make will be held in a separate reserve account and only used for this Pavilion development.


Pavilion & Playing Fields Maintenance Funding

The Pavilion & Playing Fields also need funding for the general maintenance of the facilities. You can help either on an ongoing basis or by responding to our Maintenance Appeal.


Pavilion Maintenance Appeal

As a one off contribution you can consider donating to our Maintenance Appeal



The GPFA Management committee raises money for the maintenance of the Pavilion and Playing Fields firstly by the charges levied on groups using the facilities and other rental income. These all only cover about 2/3 of the normal annual running costs. The remainder has to be raised by general fundraising such as the annual bonfire, Burns Night etc

When extraordinary costs occur then further fundraising is required. There is such an issue at the moment. The existing Pavilion roof is crumbling badly and we believe will need to be re-roofed in the very near future.


The existing Pavilion roof needs to be replaced shortly.

The capital cost exceeds reserve funds available. Your  donations will help to fund this urgent work.

How you can Donate to the Pavilion Maintenance Fund

You can download the form below and follow the instructions. If you are a UK taxpayer then please consider donating using Gift Aid as this allows us to claim an extra 25p in every £1. Otherwise a non gift aid option is also provided. Any donations you make will be held in the separate reserve account and to be used for the re-roof, not for routine running costs of the facilities.


Donation Form

You can donate for either the Pavilion Development or the Pavilion Maintenance by choosing the appropriate option on the form below.


Donation Form for Funding Pavilion and Playing Fields

GPFT Donation Form



200 CLUB


Grindleford Playing Fields Association 200 Club

You can contribute to Pavilion & playing field funding on an ongoing basis by joining the Grindleford 200 club. The Playing Fields Association decided round about 1978 to form a “100”club to help finance the development of the then new playing field. This venture was so successful that the club was soon expanded to become a “150” club and later expanded yet again to be a “200” club. The subscription is £1 a month, or £12 per annum, paid either in cash or preferably by standing order.

The club over the years has helped raise considerable amounts of much needed money to help with the maintenance of the Bishop pavilion, the play area and the field itself. Whilst most of the mowing, sweeping and general cleaning is done by volunteers considerable expense is incurred such as fuel and service to mowing equipment, cleaning, decorating and other consumables used around the buildings and field. We are proud of our facilities and want to keep them up to standard.

“The modus operandi” of the club is that by way of a monthly draw (at the Playing field meeting). Normally the draw is for four £10 chances, but there is an annual carnival day draw of four £25 and a Christmas draw of £200, £100, and £50 (drawn at the Pie & pea supper). Half the monies collected are returned to members by way of prizes. These prize amounts are reviewed annually to reflect the number of members contributing. The club is regulated by rules approved by the national lottery and amusement act.

The club never quite reached two hundred members and has slowly declined over the years now standing at around one hundred and thirty members. I have been involved from the outset of the club mainly enrolling new members, collecting subs and performing the banking etc. Various members of the committee both past and present have administered the club over the years and any clerical help in this direction would be greatly appreciated. It was proposed that we, the committee, have a concerted effort to get more people to join the club, particularly those who enjoy the facilities of Bridge field and the Bishop Pavilion. We realise that quite a number of people, particularly newcomers to the village are unaware of the club due to lack of publicity on our part. If however, you are willing to join please phone me on 01433631245 or call at The Old Post Office and Mary or myself will sign you up to be a member.

John Morton

GPFA 200 Club Membership Form