Grindleford Christmas Quiz – Results

Grindleford Christmas Quiz 2011


As you’d probably noticed, I ran a quiz over Christmas (if you live in Grindleford and didn’t get a copy delivered on 20 Dec then either I couldn’t find your house or I couldn’t find your letterbox – it’s surprising how well some of you hide them!).


Thanks to everyone that took part.  I hope it gave you something interesting to do while you digested your Christmas lunch.


The two top marks were from my own friends and family outside the village.  They do have the advantage though that they know me, and they’re familiar with the quiz format (it’s one of my godfather’s design that he has been using for some years):

#1: Rosalie and Peter Taylor (my parents)

#2: Darwell and Angela Charlton (my godfather)


The top three marks from Grindleford residents were in third to fifth place overall:

#3: Ros and Phil Porter

#4: T Boden and A Mackenzie

#5: Derek Ward


Well done to all – and thanks particularly to those that handed in their entries; it is good to know when it’s well received, and useful to see which bits you find easy or struggle with, to help set the right standard next year.


There will be another quiz at Christmas 2012, either posted out as last time or e-mailed out or both.  If you want to make sure you get a copy then e-mail me at and let me know.


Simon Taylor”