Horticultural Society Programme

18th February 2020
We have a talk on “Water Gardens and Water features” our speaker is Jeff Bates

Jeff was a full time horticultural lecturer for over 20 years; he is now a self-employed horticulturist, garden designer and lecturer

17th March 2020

The key to growing fruit up here can be elusive, so we have invited Clifford Cain of Fruitscape to talk to us about
“Fruit Growing in the North of England”

21st April 2020

We all have lots of moss in our gardens, but some of it can be very useful
Thema Griffiths of the National Trust is giving us a talk on the benefits of Sphagnum moss
“Sphagnum, A Harvest of Healing”​

JUNE/JULY Outings to be arranged

22nd August 2020
70th Grindleford Horticultural Show

20th October 2020
“The Return of Otters to the Peak District”
Dr Deborah Dawson (Sheffield University)

17th November 2020
Annual General meeting and social evening, including quiz