Light Up The Town

“It’s Sho – ho – ho – wtime!”

The weather outside is frightful, and it’s been a long old year. We are facing up to a Covid Christmas where lots of the things we usually do can’t happen. Enter the new Carnival committee, who have just been introduced to a box of multi-coloured Christmas lights. They have had an idea….

So this is the plan for Christmas 2020 in Grindleford. Santa says, what with all the Covid restrictions and so forth, he is struggling with Christmas Spirit this year so he would really like it if we could all put our shoulder to the wheel and decorate our houses with as many Christmas lights as we can possibly lay our hands on. Flashing, coloured, strings, nets…. Inflatables…. tasteful is probably right out. Trees too, if you have a likely candidate in the garden and are tall, or have a tall friend. (We all have a tall friend).

The Maynard have very generously offered a £50 voucher for the best decorations, to be judged by Santa, thinly disguised as the Carnival Committee. But we know….

Prize also to be confirmed from The Sir William.

Go on you know you want to. If you would like to join in but don’t have any lights there may be folk who have some spares and we can do a light swap.

A vision of every house in Grindleford swathed in Christmas lights is what we are in pursuit of. Do you reckon you could help Santa to get his sleigh in the air by contributing to Christmas Spirit and lighting up your house?

LED lights very much preferred please in order to keep the energy consumption right down (most of them are anyway).

Rather than wait until closer to Christmas let’s just get on with some much needed cheer!

If you have any questions, meed any help, or have any lights you can offer to others, please let the shop know.

For inspiration of how to do this properly you can also check out this little video. No matter have lavish we are, someone else has been lavisher.